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Pokemon Yellow Cheats

Are you looking for pokemon yellow cheats? If yes then you are at the right place because in this post we will provide you cheat codes for pokemon yellow ROM.

Pokemon Yellow was developed by Game Freak and the publisher of this game is Nintendo. The game is published for Game Boy Emulator.

Best Emulator for Pokemon Yellow Cheats

There are many emulators in the game world but for Pokemon Yellow, we suggest you for GBC emulator. We tested these Cheats with GBC before publishing them on this post. We used a GBC emulator for PC but for mobile, we tested them on the paid version of My Boy Application.

Type of Pokemon Yellow Cheats

The type of these cheat codes is GameShark/ Action Replay.

Best Tips for Pokemon Yellow Cheats

  • Save your game before applying cheats codes.
  • Don’t use more than 4 cheats at once.
  • Don’t use the same cheats again and again.
  • Turn off cheats after using.

Here is the list of Pokemon Yellow Cheats. In this list you get popular cheats like Walk Through Walls, Masterball, Have All Badges, Unlimited Master Balls, etc.

Pokemon Yellow Cheats

Walk Through Walls Cheat Code

cheat code:


Unlimited Master Balls Cheat Code

cheat code:


MasterBall Cheat Code

cheat code:


Infinite PP Cheat Code

cheat code:




Have All Badges Cheat Code

cheat code:


No Random Battles Cheat Code

cheat code:


Unlimited Rare Candies Cheat Code

cheat code:

Master code

Rare Candies

Note: Use Master Code before applying Rare Candy Cheat code. If you don’t apply Master Code first then rare candy cheat code would not work for you.

Infinite Money Cheat Code

cheat code:




Pokemon Level Modifier Cheat Code

cheat code:

010526d1 = Level 5

010a26d1 = Level 10

010f26d1 = Level 15

011426D1 = level 20

011926D1 = level 25

011E26D1 = level 30

012326D1 = level 35

012826D1 = level 40

012D26D1 = level 45

013226D1 = level 50

014B26D1 = level 75

016426D1 = level 100

019626D1 = level 150

01BE26D1 = level 190

Note: If you want to play Level 190 direct of Pokemon Yellow Version then you can apply this 01BE26D1 cheat code directly.

Steal Trainer’s Pokemon Cheat Code

cheat code:


Legendary Pokemon Encounter Cheat Code

cheat code:

014AD7CF = Articuno

0159D7CF = Dragonair

0142D7CF = Dragonite

0158D7CF = Dratini

0149D7CF = Motres

0183D7CF = Mewtwo

0115D7CF = Mew

014BD7CF = Zapdos

Pokemon Surf Kill Cheat Code

cheat code:





Opponents Pokemon Burn and Sleep Cheat Code

cheat code:


Flying Pikachu with Balloons Cheat Code

cheat code:


Start with a Charizard Cheat Code

cheat code:


Enemy Can’t Attack Cheat Code

cheat code:


Infinite Casino Coins Cheat Code

cheat code:



Infinite Time Cheat Code

cheat code:


Infinite HP Cheat Code

cheat code:


So this is the complete list of cheat codes for the Pokemon Yellow Version.

How to Use Pokemon Yellow Cheats code on GBC Emulator

  • Open your GBC emulator and activate your Pokemon Yellow ROM there
  • After activating ROM open the Pokemon Yellow game and click on the Menu
  • In Menu, you get an option for applying cheat code
  • From Menu click on Cheats
  • Copy cheat code from this post and paste there and give the desired name and click on update
  • Now cheat code Successfully added in your Pokemon Yellow Version and you can use them any time.

My Boy App Pokemon Yellow Cheats Code

All the above-provided cheats code you can use in the MY Boy Android App. You can download this application from the play store. Make sure that you use multiple liner codes on the paid version of this application otherwise on the free version multilinear doesn’t work.

Last Words

In last we want to tell you that if we missed any cheat code from our list then you can tell us in the comment section and we will add that code to our list when we update this post in the future.

In case you get any errors while applying these cheats you can tell us in a comment we will help you in solving that error.

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