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Pokemon Stadium Cheats

Here you will get pokemon stadium cheats codes list so let’s get started…

Best Emulator for Pokemon Stadium Cheats

  • For PC – Nintendo 64 Emulators
  • For Mobile – Nintendo 64 Pro APK

Pokemon Cheats List

This is a list of the Pokemon Cheats:

Cheat code 1: First Player First Pokemon

800AE562 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE586 03E7 = Max HP
800AE584 0063 = Level 99
800AE580 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE581 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE582 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE583 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Cheat code 2: First Player Second Pokemon

800AE5B6 03E7= Infinite HP
810AE5DA 03E7 = Max HP
800AE5D8 0063 = Level 99
800AE5D4 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE5D5 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE5D6 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE5D7 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Cheat code 3: First Player Third Pokemon

800AE60A 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE62E 03E7 = Max HP
800AE62C 0063 = Level 99
800AE628 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE629 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE62A 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE62B 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Cheat code 4: Second Player First Pokemon

810AE65E 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE682 03E7 = Max HP
800AE680 0063 = Level 99
800AE67C 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE67D 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE67E 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE67F 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Cheat code 5: Second Player Second Pokemon

810AE6B2 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE6D6 03E7 = Max HP
800AE6D4 0063 = Level 99
800AE6D0 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE6D1 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE6D2 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE6D3 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Cheat code 6: Second Player Third Pokemon

810AE706 03E7 = Infinite HP
810AE72A 03E7 = Max HP
800AE728 0063 = Level 99
800AE724 00FF = Infinite 1st Spell
800AE725 00FF = Infinite 2nd Spell
800AE726 00FF = Infinite 3rd Spell
800AE727 00FF = Infinite 4th Spell

Cheat code 7: Diidy Kong Racing pokemon

Enable Code (Must Be On)
DE000400 0000

81285A10 007F = Infinite HP All Pokémon

We hope that you get these pokemon stadium cheats useful.

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