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Pokemon Puzzle League Cheats

Pokemon Puzzle League was released by Nintendo developers in 2000. You can use cheats on this game. If you looking for pokemon puzzle league cheats then you are at the right place because here you will get the list of pokemon puzzle league cheats.

With these cheats, you can finish this version of Pokemon, and also this version of pokemon is very hard to play without cheats so these cheats can make this game easy for you.

You can use Nintendo 64 emulator for Pokemon Puzzle League Cheats codes.

So let’s get started…

Pokemon Puzzle League Cheats List

This is a list of the Pokemon Puzzle League Cheats:

Cheat 1: V-Hard Mode

For enabling this mode hold to Z button on the screen with L, L, A, B.

Hold Z button + L, L, A, B.

Cheat 2: S-Hard Mode

For enabling this mode First hold Z button then press R, L, A, B.

Hold Z button + R, L, A, B.

Cheat 3: Unlock All Puzzles in Puzzle University

For enabling it first Hold the Z button and then press  A, B, R, A, A, B, R, A.

Hold Z button + A, B, R, A, A, B, R, A.

Cheat 4: Bonus Trainers

Start a 2 player game and at the ”Trainer Select” screen hold Z + L + R on controller 1 and controller 2 at the same time.

Cheat 5: Unlock Mewtwo Stage

At the trainer selection screen, hold Z and press B, Up, L, B, A, Start, A, Up, R to start the game in Mewtwo’s stage.

Cheat 6: No Continues Trick
  • When you lose the game, you will see there are two options continue or no, click on No.
  • After clicking on No, go back and open 1P Stadium and start playing your game as you leave it.
Cheat 7: Resetting your “Puzzle University” play time
  • At the “Puzzle Village” map screen, select the “Puzzle University” icon and select “Custom Puzzle”.
  • Now, go and select your file and select any of the custom puzzles you’ve made.
  • Select “Play” and beat it.
  • Return to the “Puzzle Village” map screen, and once again, select “Puzzle University”, select the original puzzle mode, go to the same personal file you selected for the custom puzzle and pick any class from 1 to 3 and choose any puzzle.
  • When you check your puzzle playtime it should be restarted by saying time: 00, 00 (or something like that).
Cheat 8: Play Level 50-99 in Marthon Mode

At the title screen, hold Z and press B, A, L, L.

Hold Z + B, A, L, L

So this is the cheats list of the pokemon puzzle league. There are total 8 cheats in this list and every cheat has a different purpose. You can use any cheat from the list at right time.

How to Use Pokemon Puzzle League Cheats with Project 64 Emulator?

  • Open pokemon puzzle league ROM on the project 64 emulator
  • Now from the setting, you can use cheats on the pokemon puzzle league

Read the guide of every cheat for using these cheats. The guide is written with the cheat.

Pokemon Puzzle League Popular List

  • V-Hard Mode
  • S-Hard Mode
  • Bonus Trainers
  • Unlock All Puzzles in Puzzle University
  • Unlock MewTwo Stage

Anything We Missed?

Those are the pokemon puzzle league cheats. These are the best pokemon puzzle league cheats that can make your gameplay interesting.

If we missed any cheat from this list then you can tell us in the comment section and after reading your comment we will add that cheat to this list.

Also, tell us which is your favorite Pokemon puzzle league cheat from the list. You can tell us by leaving a comment below.

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