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Pokemon Fire Red v514

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Pokemon Fire Red v514



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FireRed v514




Pokemon FireRed v514 is a GBA hack of Pokemon FireRed. This hack have many interesting features.


  • Fairy Typing
  • Physical or Special Split
  • 514 Pokemon chosen from the first 8 generations (all obtainable)
  • No Mega Evolutions, Dynamax nor Z-moves (to preserve the game balance)
  • Moves and Abilities up to Gen 8
  • Useful Hidden Abilities have been switched with less useful Normal Abilities
  • Updated Pokemon sprites
  • All important battle items
  • 120 TMs all reusable
  • Deletable HMs
  • Cut, Strength and Rock Smash can be used without teaching the move if the badge is obtained, the HM is in the bag and a party Pokemon can learn it
  • Gen 8 Exp. Share
  • Experience gained when the pokemon is captured
  • Experience gained depends on the opposing Pokemon only (does not change with your Pokemon’s level)
  • Experience boost of 20% when Pokemon reach a Friendship value of 220
  • A DexNav that allows to search for Pokemon with good IVs and egg moves (obtainable in early game)
  • A Shiny Charm for higher chance of shiny encounters (obtainable in late game)
  • Day and Night system
  • IV indicator on the Summary screen
  • Colored stats (according to nature)
  • All learnable moves included in the Move Reminder
  • Gen 8 breeding mechanics with Destiny Knot and Everstone (obtainable early in the game)
  • Auto-Run and Turbo Mode for a faster bicycle (using the L button)
  • Can sort items in the bag (by pressing Start)
  • 1 Premier Ball given for each 10 Pokeballs you buy (applicable to all kinds of Pokeballs bought)
  • Improved AI
  • During a battle, a move’s real power and accuracy is shown when pressing the L button
  • Rearranged National Pokedex (evolutions are placed after their corresponding Pokemon)
  • Higher chance of getting rare Pokemon at the Safari
  • Easier fishing mechanism (skipped the "O A bite!" and the need to press A)
  • Feebas and Tympole can be caught with an Old Rod in addition to Magikarp
  • All grass (apart from Viridian Forest) and most caves have EV based wild Pokemon (for easier EV training)
  • Gen 3 starters
  • Switched the daycare at route 5 with the one in Four Island (for an early possibility to breed)
  • All Gym leaders have 6 Pokemon and with levels close to yours to make it more challenging
  • New in-game trades (with good IVs Pokemon)
  • New Strength rocks puzzle in Diglett Cave
  • Rain on route 8 and a sandstorm on route 9
  • An EV checker/resetter
  • An IV checker/maximizer
  • A Nature modifier (for a hefty price)
  • An Evolution Master that tells you how to evolve the Pokemon that you show him
  • Four Battle Brothers in the Sevii Islands that sell battle items
  • Each elite four members at round 2 will choose randomly between 3 teams
  • A rematch with all Gym Leaders is added at the end of the game (with all of them having 100 leveled, full IVs and EVs, and balanced teams). You get a reward after beating them.
  • You get a Shiny Charm from Celio when you give him both the Ruby and the Sapphire
  • Aurora Ticket and Mystic Ticket obtainable
  • Changed the Trainer Tower Pokemon and prizes
  • Removed Ho-oH and Lugia
  • The three legendary dogs (Entei, Raikou and Suicune) will roam after beating the elite four for the 1st time
  • Added new legendaries : Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Mew, Heatran, Phione and Manaphy.

How to Download Pokemon FireRed v514?

  1. First, click on the download button and a new page opens
  2. Second, on the new page, you get the download file option click on it and the file started Download
  3. Third, wait a few minutes until the file is completely saved in your system
  4. Fourth, after successful download opens that file with the supported emulator and enjoy your game.

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